Selling with The Property Shop

Property Experts in North London

We know the love and care you have invested into your property, so when it comes to selling, we value the importance of helping you get the maximum sale price for your investment. We will provide you with a free, no obligation, realistic appraisal of the current value of your home. Our unmatched experience and unique insights give you an accurate valuation based not only on an in-depth knowledge of the area but extensive market research of similar local sales.


Sole Agency (The Property Shop Have Sole Instruction)

Sole Agency 1.20% (1% + VAT)

As the sole agency responsible for the property, The Property Shop will have the exclusive right to sell your property for an initial period agreed upon from the date of a signed contract. The sole agency can continue after the initial period, with a termination period of 14 days to be given in writing by either party. You are liable to pay remuneration to The Property Shop in addition to any other charges agreed to in the case the property proceeds to a legal completion with a buyer introduced by ourselves during the sole agency period, or with whom we have negotiations about the property during that time, or with a buyer introduced by another estate agent.

Multiple Agency (Additional Estate Agents Are Instructed)

Multiple Agency 1.5% (1.25% + VAT)

The agency will commence on the above date and will continue until the agreement is terminated by either party giving 14 days notice in writing. You will be liable to pay remuneration to The Property Shop in addition to any other charges agreed if at any time the sale of the property proceeds to a legal completion to a buyer introduced by us during our period of being the leading agency, or to buyer with whom we undertook negotiations during that period.

Payment of Fees

Fees are due for payment upon completion of the sale. The vendor will give his/her irrevocable authority to the solicitors appointed at the time of the sale to pay out of the proceeds. The Property Shop agrees on charges where applicable, in accordance with the conditions agreed herein. Interest may be charged at 3% above the National Westminster Bank Rate if the account remains unpaid for more than ten days after completion.

If during the period of joint agency, a buyer is introduced by any other agent other than the collaborative parties, these fees are still payable to The Property Shop.

No charge is applicable if an external buyer is introduced before termination of the agreement, and that buyer eventually purchases the property.